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LEE’s Yum Cha

Everyday Delights of Yum Cha

LEE’s Yum Cha brings the cherished tradition of yum cha to your everyday routine, offering a delightful and casual dining experience. Nestled within the convenience of shopping malls, our restaurants are the perfect spot for a delightful meal amidst or after a day of shopping.

Experience the charm of traditional dining reimagined for everyday enjoyment at LEE’s Yum Cha, part of the LEE’s Kitchen collection.

Incepted as a counterpart to the upscale Hao Chi, LEE’s Yum Cha is our celebration of traditional dining in a more relaxed setting. Our restaurant is a nod to the heritage of yum cha, offering a range of dim sum and other beloved dishes in a way that fits seamlessly into your daily life.

Casual Dining, Rich Flavors

Created to complement the upscale Hao Chi, LEE’s Yum Cha is our answer to casual, yet flavorful dining. It’s where the simplicity of everyday meals meets the richness of traditional flavors, providing a friendly and accessible option for all who appreciate good food in a relaxed setting.

Our menu at LEE’s Yum Cha boasts a diverse range of dishes, each prepared with the same dedication to flavor and quality. From bite-sized delights to heartier meals, our offerings are perfect for quick lunches, casual dinners, or enjoyable gatherings.

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